Friday, November 4, 2011

November Chores

Last night Theo and the boys tackled the front yard leaves one more time. We rent a house on a larger lot in town, and have abouts 13 trees (if the sun was up, I'd go count!) that dump leaves all over the yard. It's wonderfully shady in spots all summer, but wow, oh wow, does it make for a month long clean up this time of year!

Lucky for Theo the neighbor accepts all leaves in his compost pile. So one a pile is made, they shove it onto a tarp, and drag it back- a lot easier than bagging for sure.

I could not resist the cliche urge to drop my knitting and take some picture of the boys in the leaf pile. When I first walked out there Hunter was pulling a classic Hunter, pouting about something or other. Arms folded tight. Lips pursed. Back to us.

He mumbled various reasons for the fit, but as soon as he saw how much fun Ben was having in the leaf pile he warmed back up and hoped none of us remembered.

Unsuspecting! Theo sneaks up and dumps leaves over Ben.

They are in there:

By, far my favorite picture of the boys in a long while.

Happy autumn!

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