Monday, November 21, 2011

Organization, Go!

I shared with you that we were set to use Christmas gift money to buy something other than more toys. This year, we are getting some excellent storage for all those legos that comprise over half the toy collection in his house with all their tiny wonder.

Theo put the shelves together a few nights ago, and the boys began trasferring the legos from large tubs to these efficient little drawers from IKEA trofast system. We still have a long way to go as far as getting the rest of the room organized, and I will share pictures of it as we go.


Sarah said...

love it! we have 3 IKEA EXPEDIT shelves with bins-- very handy for toy storage and room seapration and pretty cheap considering their size

Jamie said...

I love expedit shelves. I am obsessed with them! I have wanted one for my yarn forever, but can't justify it because I have an old target expedit-like shelf that isn't falling apart yet. The green geek in me says what I have is fine. lol. I have now started obsessing over one for the boys bedroom, though. lol.