Sunday, November 20, 2011

He's come a long way.

Yesterday morning he tried to pull his top front tooth out. This, from a kid who just over a year ago let a tooth dangle from one tiny thread for as long as possible because he was too freaked out it would hurt when it fell out.

Theo has begun teasing him about the All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth song. He did not believe Dad, that it was a real song. Theo found it online and sang it to him. He was not amused.

My mom asked yesterday if the boys had a rubix cube. Reminded me of my all-time favorite Ben story. We have known from a very young age Ben is gifted. When he was in the latter half of his second year we thought we could have him a rubix cube and he would just figure it out. I gave it to him with only a brief explanation: you have to make all the sides match.

The next morning I found the rubix cube stickers soggy, all over his room. He stayed up late, or got up early- something Ben has been known to do when he has something new he is desperate to play with- and removed all the stickers. At first I thought, oh, typical soggy mouthed 2 year old put it in his mouth and ruined it, until he told me: he made all the sides match.

He is way too smart for his own good.

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