Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day in the Life

Hunter and I woke up to Theo cooking pumpkin pancakes and bacon. Ben was already playing. Coffee was already done, so after Hunter and I fought over who got to use the bathroom first, we went almost straight to the dining room table for breakfast. Wonderful.
I picked out church clothes for the kids.
We went to the early church service, and had our 'new member' family picture taken. I brought our camera, because it is rare we have someone to take a picture of all of us.

Pastor asked Ben to help with the children's' sermon. He had the kids line up and follow the leader, who was blindfolded- he asked Ben to walk in a different direction- and then asked all the kids what they thought about the person who didn't follow the leader.
After we drove to get coffee while I knit and the kids were in Sunday School.
We talked about deer hunting.
I used nearly a whole box of tissue blowing my nose all day.
We ran into Walmart for a few groceries. Hunter and I held hands and walked through the Christmas decorations excitedly talking about everything. He started up every single singing toy, and they danced right off the shelves. He lingered on the lego aisle for awhile. While Theo paid, both kids were mesmerized by a kinex toy set up in the front seasonal department. I snatched up 6 Halloween scrapbook items on clearance for $.24 each!
We all changed out of church clothes.
I put away a load of laundry. Theo cleaned up the kitchen and started prepping for dinner.
I folded and stacked the extra winter blankets the kids used to need at the old house, but so far- don't need here. Gosh, it used to get so cold in that old house.
The kids cleaned up the costume closet. We need new storage so bad. I tried not to stress about it.
I photographed an Etsy item I finished this weekend. Created a Treasury List of some of my recent favorites. I spent an hour or more clicking and browsing and learning from Etsy. I knit some more scarves for a couple that has hired me to help them and families they know raise money for adoptions.
We made out when the kids weren't looking.
We said "I love you," a million times.
Theo likened himself to Lotso. Later said I sneeze like a man. We laugh all day.
We watched our DVR'd episode of Blue Bloods.
I filled up all the bird feeders. Moved one of the bird baths in the backyard to the front yard. Threw out remaining pumpkins, took down the autumn wreaths, and put an evergreen swag on the front door. We've never been this ready for winter before winter arrives.
We watched the Bears game.

We complained about not having any snow. Last year they had 10-15 inches here. No snow in sight in the long term forecast.

I fixed some lingering back pain with my physical therapy tricks. Smiles.

The kids played legos, made a pirate ship, a dog house, a jail, and came to find us and tell us all about each and every detail. They used construction paper to make Harry Potter and Perry the Platypus drawings. Hunter practiced letters.
We have thanksgiving colored lights in our dining room window and in a basket of pinecones on top of the armoire lit all day.

Theo put together a delicious homemade baked potato soup from a recipe I got this week from my friend Melissa. We had it for a late lunch and dinner.
We burned an Oatmeal Raisin Gold Canyon Candle all afternoon, long enough to make the whole house smell like it.
All in all- a great day.

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