Monday, February 4, 2008


So. last time I blogged I forgot to tell the funniest story. When we were at Fuddrucker's Ben was helping us teach Hunter words when he innocently suggested, "Dad, teach Hunter to say 'f*&k.'" I sucked on my milkshake straw as hard I could, and Theo burried his face in the crook of his arm laughing secretly so as not to reward Ben for his idea. When I was in Hobby Lobby later Ben, Hunter and Daddy were in the car alone. Another vehicle made a bad decision, and Theo spouted off a cluster of swear words, "F*&kin' C*&k-sucker!" I know, he should really watch his language around the kids; for the most part he's pretty good, but sometimes he slips hard. Well, Ben came back with his own rendering of this phrase: "Cockin' F&^k Suckers!" I was not in the car to gauge dad's reaction, but I'm pretty sure he laughed out loud. We make sure to tell Ben often this language is not okay to use; I can assure you he does not run around the house using these words. In fact he's smart enough to use the words only when he knows it'll crack mom and dad up. We're bad parents, LOL.

In other news, Theo's thrilled how the superbowl turned out. I wasn't too into it this year, but I watched, and chuckled at a few commercials. I ate the snacks Theo made, too. I like the Manning family, so I was excited to see them all happy.

I finished paiting my cabinet, and I have pictures. I'm working on our new computer and I have not made it kodak friendly yet. I'll have new pictures soon.

It's sleeting outside, and raining on/off, but we're supposed to get 6-8 inches of snow tomorrow night-our snowfall amounts are already setting records, and there seems to be more and more coming.

I started some seeds indoor this morning. ctually, I started some Rosemary a week ago, but this morning I made a big tray of some random perennials and one annual. I know it's too early, and I risk the plants getting too big for their space, but I figure I can transplant them into bigger containers in the worst case scenario. I started only 4-8 of each kind of seed, and will be starting more later, so I made sure to not sabotage the whole package of each seed. I started 2 kinds of delphinium, foxglove, a red coreopsis, and red hollyhocks. This weekend I acquired more seeds of other sorts as well, including turnips, two types of radishes, corn, two kinds of beans, sweet basil, hyacinth bean vine, morning glory, and marigolds.

I can't remember if I told this interesting garden story? A few weeks ago I fiddling with the dirt around the elephant ears I have growing in the dining room when I found a huge sweet potato growing in the pot. I kept digging, and I ended up with 5 large sweet potatos in there! See, I grew sweet potato vine in this pot last summer, and I cleaned out as many of the potatos I could find, but I was worried I would damage the roots of the elephant ears, so I didn't go too deep. I guess I left some potatos in there! I have since replants the potatos, just beneath the surface of the soil; now I hope and pray I get new vine growth soon, just in time for spring. I'll keep you posted.

Otherwise, not much to report. We had a mellow weekend. On Friday I sanded and prepared my cabinet for painting, and later that day I picked out a new coffee table from a local antique mall. The same morning the satelite people were out hooking up our new TV- we now get HD. Friday afternoon we had eye exams, new glasses and contacts to come soon. While we were at Walmart Ben & Hunter got a hummer. The story on this one goes something like this: Weeks ago we're shopping and Ben sees this huge red vehicle proportioned to him and asks mom and dad, "What is that?" We answer, "It's a Hummer, Ben." Ben follows with, "Can I have a Hummer?" Dad laughs, and says, "Ask Grandma." Sure enough, we get home, grandma calls, and Ben runs to the phone, "Grandma, I want a Hummer!" Grandma delivers... a week later we have this massive Hummer in our home. We let Ben drive it around in the living room, but the thing is so big it doesn't fit anywhere. We informed Ben its an outdoor toy, and we'll have to wait until spring to take it out in the yard. The Hummer is huge, and has first & second gears and reverse, similar to a real car. He drives it at his own will, so we're just hoping he doesn't run over Hunter or the dogs, or drive away from us. You can tell, many Hummer adventures to come. We have a path behind our house; I see mom and dad chasing the kids in the hummer on this path. Fun!

Saturday we went to Gurnee Mills so Theo would frolic around Bass Pro. I enjoyed a trip to Archiver's, and picked up some clearance spring time goodies at the Lane Bryant Outlet. Sunday we looked for new boots for Theo at Farm and Fleet, or "farmer fleet," as Ben calls it. We took the kiddies to Old Country Buffet and watched in amazement as Hunter ate and ate and ate... he devoured bisquits and gravy, sausage, honeydew melon, jello, french toast, cucumbers, peaches, blueberry muffins, 3-4 scrambled eggs, oreo cheesecake, chocolate milk, and more... so very entertaining, pictures to come soon.

Well, it's snack time for the boys, so I must be going. Hope all is well with everyone.

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