Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Battles won, antiquing, more...

Last night I won a little battle with myself, thanks to Biggest Loser. While dinner, a pork roast with veggies in the crock pot, was approaching I was browsing blogs for inspiration and ideas. I stumbled upon two delicious looking chocolate Valentine's Day dessert ideas. My brain went into chocolate mode. I had a long chat with myself, and later with Theo, about how my daily eating habits, breakfast, lunch, and dinner have not changed all that much since losing 100 lbs 7 years ago. My snacks are even pretty healthy. Where's the weight come from? Chocolate and desserts. No joke. Okay, and the occasional second helping at dinner. But mostly, chocolate. I love it. There was a time when I could really have serious willpower, and only have one bite and move on. I love to bake, and love to eat what I bake.

Last night I spent hours dreaming about a serious chocolate indulgence. I acknowledged my craving outloud and hopped on the internet for a distraction. Biggest Loser came on, and I sat and watched the first hour, still avoiding the kitchen, where chocolate baking powder, flour, eggs etc. loomed. I decided to head upstairs and get on the elliptical instead. I did a hefty 35 minutes before retiring to the living room where I begged Theo for a backrub and then headed to sleep. Battle won. No brownies made, stayed within my points. Pat myself on my fat ass back. :)

So this week has been good. Last Sunday the boys and I went to Joey & Julie's house; when we arrived I learned Jeff had agreed to watch the boys for an hour while Julie and I went to the antique malls! We just about ran out the door before he changed his mind, LOL. We had a good time, laughing and collecting treasures. She picked up a big boiler to hold her firewood, and some wooden blocks for Joe. I collected various chatchke (sp?) as pictured below. I spent around $21 and came home with all these little goodies. Lots of 50% off things. 10% nearly everything I picked up, too. My favorite find is this Haegar pottery for $6 (green towards back). Although the kitsch $1 Denver plate is a cool find, too. I've been to Denver, and sought souveniors, but didn't find any I liked. What better way to commemorate a visit there than a vintage plate? The blue glass vase was $2.50; the tea pot with ceramic handles was $4; the blue willow creamer was $3, the little blue and white vase was $1. The linens ranged from $1-3.I love that green and blue hankie, to add to my collection (many of which belonged to my grandmother). I still have not found a way to display hankies. They are in a jar right now. Any other ideas?

This Monday I poured over my vintage linens for some ideas for embroidering. I thought I'd photograph them to share. I believe these all belonged my grandma Ivy, although some may have been my mom's? I have to inquire as to whether or not Ivy handcrafted them or just collected them. I love these linens, and have been incorporating them into my decor more lately--inspired by Posie Gets Cozy to live with my treasures, but just hoard them. Posie has created her own day-of-the-week tea towel pattern recently, sparking me to get this set out and admire it. I have toyed with framing the days of the week towels if I had more wall space? And 7 cute frames waiting to be used. LOL. I want to take one of these patterns and try and mimic it for a tiny wallframing for Leena (one of the cooking critter images). Give me some time to learn Leena, and you'll have a gift from me.

As you can see I need Wednesday. Anyone finds it for cheap, and I'll pay you back for it!

Here's closer look:

Aren't they adorable? I love these silly little towels too much.

Remember those Hyacinth bulbs I found for like a buck on my date with Theo? They're coming up. I can't wait until they are blooming! Way too early for outside bulbs, but forcing bulbs inside is great anytime!

I noticed I had not shared a picture of my new-to-me kitchen table. Our previous table was found in the basement when we moved in. I painted it red, but it wasn't that sturdy. It halves into a smaller table, so right now it's holding some plants in a sunny window. In comes the new find: I found this table at an antique mall in Stoughton. I plan on sanding the bottom a bit, to see if I can get the golden yellow paint underneath to show through with the white on top. I hope for a nice patina of old paint. Worst case scenario I have to re-paint the base. But the top is the reason I fell in love with it, worn perfectly, with so much history and character. I think it's an old canning table? Any way, I love it. And I wanted to show my mommy a picture. LOL.

Other completely random things:
Yesterday morning at breakfast ben said something funny: He said, "Men always do all those bad things, mommy. Like fish and hunt." I asked Theo if he'd fed him this information, and he declined participation. Hmmm... it cracked me UP. So true, buddy, so true.
The other day Gretchen Wilson's "All Jacked Up" song was on the radio; Ben sang along. He sings it around the house now. Other country songs he sings include a Dierks Bentley's tune (name slips my mind at the moment) and Kenny Chesney and George Straight's "Shift Work."
Yesterday morning Theo had to go in early, so I was on my own; I woke up to a pantless Ben handing me his clean underwear and pants, asking, "Mom, out these on me please!" He'd put his overnight diaper in the trash, and his pj pants in the laundry, and got new clothes by standing on a chair in his room. He's getting so independant.
Hunter has been adding to his vocab daily. He's said: belly, hunter, snow, flower, snack, hot, book, ouch, water, hello, light, dark, bubble, moon, sun, and gramma, plus more. He says many two word phrases, too, including: your welcome, trash truck, dump truck, bye-bye da-da, hi da-da, mama up. Without pictures he can tell you most animal sounds, too. Very cute.
I found a hutch/secratary at a local antique store. I got the lady to take $100 off. I still have not walked in to seal the deal, but I think I might soon. It's a cool old piece. Julie pointed it out when we were in there as I was so distracted by the little things in the room. I poured over paint colors all day yesterday b/c the inside is white, and I see it becoming a delightfully obnoxious green color called pickling spice or a cool blue color called velvet turqoise. The outside is half stripped, so I think I'll be starting my very first stripping and staining project. Good stuff. Why not learn to do everything, right?
Theo gets his tatoo today- he moved up the appointment. I may get to go with him, if Julie's able to watch the kids. If not, I'm off to the mall with the boys in search of clearance black waterproof boots for next winter. Either way, pictures of his tatoo to come tomorrow morning.
Hope you all have a great day!

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