Tuesday, February 19, 2008

House of Tears

Before Theo left for a week of pre-mobilization work in MN, he referred to his house as the "House of Tears." We're battling the flu here. I had it first, then Hunter, then Ben. Theo is not sick, as usual. And we seem to be getting better with timing our sickness with his classes/training, too, huh? We're all beginning the upswing, but Ben still had a high fever this morning. I just wanted to let you all know we're still here, just as sick as can be. And, of course, unless you want a picture of the dust collecting on everything or the blisters on my lips, I have no genius photographs to share today either. Oh, and has anyone noticed how f-in cold it is in my region again? Yeah... -2 F right now I think? Sigh. Anybody have some things to be joyous about? I'm all eyes and ears.


Anonymous said...

Oh! I do!! I'm heading down to Durham, NC tomorrow for "work" (i.e., drinking & mingling with Duke Law students). I'll be visiting with Mari LeGreco in Greensboro on Thursday. And then I get to watch my first Duke BBall game in Cameron Stadium on Saturday. I can't wait!

Sorry you & the kids feel so sucky. Just think - Spring is only a month away!


leena! said...

I tried to surf for the first time yesterday! I say "tried" because I was the only one who couldn't stand up thanks to lack of upper body strength, which just makes me want to get out there and do it again!

It was nearly 100 degrees out, which may sound like heaven to you, but was probably as crappy as having -2 weather. Feel better, guys!

Jamie said...

Oh my goodness, ladies, those both sound like so much fun!