Thursday, July 5, 2007

Take me the Fair & Fireworks

Before we left for the carnival and fireworks we decided to show the boys some sparklers in the yard. They also used those snap "pop-it" things on the sidewalk out back.

We walked to a local park that had fireworks and a carnival. The carnival was the best kind, full of sketchy carny freaks, greasy food served by a woman who said "hallo," and way vintage rides. These first few pictures are just of the rides and carnival in general. I thought it was like a blast from the past, and I had to get pictures of it.

Here are some pictures of us:

Ben ws so excited to go on all the different rides! We had to chase him around, and could barely contain his energy.

After the carnival we walked over a huge field and set up shop to watch fireworks.
Perfect end to a perfect day. Happy Birthday America!

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