Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Brotherly Love

Theo's had a stellar week. Night before last he caught two catfish, his favorite. Last night, he went to an informational meeting about mixed martial arts, ju jitsu & muay thai kickboxing last night. Once we can come up with the funds, and he finds a gym he likes, he should start taking classes a few nights a week. Very cool.

I was so bored at home with the kids! I took out the camera to play.
This snuggle in the chair went better than the first.

Kisses, too!

Playing with some close-ups. I love close-ups. Hard to get with two very fast-moving little men... the sun was nearing setting & the boys were mega-sleepy when I took these. I asked them to look at something outside and they held still for a micro-second. Enjoy!

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