Thursday, July 5, 2007

Cupcake Monster

We *might* be bad parents for this. But, we don't care. Hunter had us laughing so hard, and as you can see, he had such a good time. Ben left his cereal on the table unattended (he picked out some Mickey Mouse fruity pebbles this week). Hunter moved in to take it over... no sooner we added 4th of July cupcakes to the mix. Hunter's cupcakes were frosting free. Ben licked the frosting off of his cupcakes, and then gave them to Hunter. When all was said and done, Hunter may, or may not, have consumed 7 cupcakes on this table. Hehe.

1 comment:

Leena said...

too cute. i wish my parents were as cool as you. and i love the pictures with stuff hanging off his face and butt. it reminds me of me.