Sunday, July 1, 2007

Green County

We got a package from Grandma this weekend, and Theo put on this shirt my mom got me. How funny is he? And Ben sports his new cowboy hat! Thanks Grandma!

Never ones to sit around the house, Theo, the boys and I took off to Green County yesterday. We stopped at my favorite little chocolate shop to get a little snacky snack. I bought Ben a milk chocolate frog, Theo a white choc/macadamia nut cookie and a mint frog, and 4 dark chocolates for myself.

I should have taken a picture of the pretties before I ate them.

Ben wore his cowboy hat.

Glarner Stube had sch beautiful flowers, even though we weren't eating there today, I had a take a picture.

New Glarus hotel, home of Roesti, a delicious Swiss breakfast meal made with potatos. Yum yum, yum. I read about it in Midwest Living last year, shortly after trying it myself. Cute place, beautiful flowers.

Theo and the boys shared a strawberry ice cream while I browsed the nursery. I came home with 2 perrenial blue lobelia for $1.80 a piece.

Theo tried to teach Ben to pee on the side of the road.

When we got home we decided to grab a sandwich at a train-themed restaurant in town. Ben was in heaven with all the trains, and the train whistle.
Hunter plays Peek-A-Boo at the table.
Hunterzilla was wild last night, had to snap some pictures. He was having so much fun! But, then, as Ben Laura and him ran around he got a pretty major owie. As they ran from our living room toward the kitchen Ben tripped and pushed Hunter into the corner of our china hutch. I was on top of Hunter in seconds, almost before he could scream. He had a golf-ball sized bump in the middle of his forehead. We took him to the ER. By then the welt had shrunken down, and there was a smaller bump, briuse, and small cut. The doctor said he was fine, and I could even let him sleep through the night! Thank God! This was Hunter's first ER trip, and first bad owie. Scared me out of mind, I tell ya! He's one tough cookie. Here are picture of him being wild before the accident.

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