Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A Hummingbird in Our Garden

I've tried to attract hummingbirds for years now. I have feeders, and nectar, and plants galore with "hummingbird attractant" on label. I have never seen them in the yard. Theo noticed one the other day; he helped me get the camera, and I snapped these pictures. Looks like this guy likes the Coneflowers & Russian Sage.

Thought I'd add some pictures of what's blooming right now, too. A Red Daylily:
My very favorite flower in the garden, Phlox, David.
My favorite rose, Kordes Perfecta:
This container has been the highlight of my garden for me so far this year:
I re-did this container earlier this week, without spending a penny. I moved some things that weren't thriving elsewhere. Here we have Coral Bells, Coleus, and Lime Nicotiana. This is my mailbox planter.
Here is the front porch:

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