Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Growth in January

My friend Elizabeth set forth the idea to get through January by blogging to a theme. Here is her original post about it. I love this idea. January may not be all gloom and doom for this snow lover, but with the joys and highs of Christmas season past, and Valentine's Day a little far off yet, I do lose focus. I start longing for my garden, and I feel limited as far as activities go. I start fielding questions from the kids about when spring comes, and I start looking to sidewalk to see if the ice is melted enough for a fresh air walk.

I think my theme (for this week, I may switch up a bit) is growth.
First, in order to keep my thumb green in the winter I have a quite a few plants in my house. While on my last trip to California (spring) I picked up a few unique succuclents that are adjusting to the indoors nicely-better than previous years. The bright white snowlight makes them glow inside the windows.
The pink edges on this one look like a sunset.
My mom sent me this one. It's called 'Chocolate Soldier.'
I've had this one for a few years now.
Next up, Hunter. This big boy finally figured out how to turn the bathroom sink on by himself (it is a tight knob). He surprised me!
What's beautiful in your life this January?


Elizabeth said...

Your ability to grow, well anything, is highly impressive! These are beautiful.

Jamie said...

Haha! Thanks. We should start thinking about our succulent wreath soon!