Friday, January 14, 2011

Darn Proud

I have been busting my large ka-tukis in semi-panic mode preparing our house for sale. About a dozen and half large boxes packed, full of unnecessary stuff like extra blankets, picture frames, vases, books, stuffed animals from the boys room, and more. Its starting (with emphasis on the starting) to look less cluttered in here.

I let Hunter pack two boxes of his own stuffed animals, and he LOVED it. He stuffed them in the box, and looked at me like I was nutso when I said add some more... even more... four more big ones. I let him help me squeeze the box shut, and even write his name on it. He proudly declared he would like to unpack this box and put the animals on the shelf when we get to our new house. So cute. As long as he didn't actually pack a sippy cup of soy milk or one of our cats in there, we should be all good.

Today, I finished the office. I was able to smoosh all my sewing essentials and craft stuff in the armoire, and left just enough stuff out to craft. Sometime, at the end of all this preparing to sell the house stuff, I know the time will come when I am alone, Theo's at his new job, the kids are both in bed, and I'll be sitting with a huge stack of newly printed pictures to scrapbook. Potential buyers will have to overlook a teeny tiny bit of humanness and personalization on the desk.

Also today, I ran around with a jar of wall putty filling holes. Mostly holes from where the pictures used to be, but also dents from a few cash course hot wheels, and a cat scratch or two. I love filling wall holes for some reason. Can't wait to touch up paint and get the carpet cleaned! I already bought trim paint, and two new paint brushes.

I've also begun dreaming of my garden transition. While cleaning up the office I found an empty photo album with roses on the cover; I took a break and put all the garden pictures from 2008 into the album. I love that I can now just open up the album and it's like having a book of my own garden. I can't wait to have a fresh palette! I also can't wait to get my hands in the dirt! I have a number of small plant beds I plan on digging up and grass seeding. I'm going to take the plants I cherish the most- the most unique varieties, rare finds, expensive ones, or special gifts, and put them in pots in my veggies bed turned holding bed until the move. Then I will place the more common ones in the larger existing beds. I think, because of the vast number of plants I have, I should be able to leave a very nice landscape for a buyer without them thinking the garden is just too much. The list of must take plants is already long... very long... I think I'll be moving about 250 plants folks. Plus 3 arbor walkways, several trellises, and full load of garden statues and birdbaths. Stay tuned for that journey. Yikes.

I leave you with the growth themed quote on the coffee mug I use each morning:
"I get up. I walk. I fall down. Meanwhile I keep dancing." Daniel Hillel

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