Thursday, January 20, 2011

Keeping Creative and Busy

Some random stuff to share this cold January day.
Ben made all these little lego things one day. He's so into Legos; they are all he thinks and talks about.

I've been de-cluttering, preparing the house for sale. I took several boxes of stuff out of the office, and when it comes to showing/photographing the house I'll clean up with desk much more, but for now, I'm pretty happy with the office.

We got aound 7 inches of snow this last Monday. More than most of the surrounding areas. It was a beautiful snow, lots of wind and giant snowflakes at times. This picture is from the start of the storm, looking out our dining room window.

I've been knitting. Mostly making cowls for a big order, but injecting a few random things in there. This scarf is my current creation in progress.

The other day, when I felt like I might lose my mind from the chaos of our lives ight now, I tucked myself into my office and did some great scrapbooking. I love this layout of Hunter; the photo is from 2008, on a trip to a west Madison park on the lake.
One more of Hunter, too. I took out his album and my 2008 photo box and skipped thought to see which pictures I had not scrapped yet. I was surprised to see I had not scrapped Hunter's trip to the County Fair. He had such a great time!

Hope you are all keeping busy through the longest part of winter, too.

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