Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ben's First Wrestling Match

Ben had his first wrestling match this last Saturday. We decided to let him have the whole day with Daddy and let me spend the day with Hunter. A wrestling meet is an 8-hour day, with long, long beaks between matchs; coupled with the distance of this meet from our house and any other winter activities, we didn't this was the place for Hunter. So hard for me to not be there, but I know Theo and Ben had a nice father-son day.

Ben got sick at school on Friday. He threw up in a garbage can and they called home about 2pm and said come get him. he was a little pooped out for awhile, but by evening he was playing fine, and kept down his dinner great. By morning he was great, so we let him go. He was so excited!

He lost his first and second match. I guess the second match was pretty brutal, and even the coach was impressed with Ben's heart and strength staying in the game. After some coaching, and a little encouragement from dad... Theo told Ben to pretend his opponent was a "Packer's fan who didn't love Jesus," Ben won his third match. He came home with a medal, taking 3rd place out of 4 kids. Most importantly, he enjoyed himself, and now has a totally great understanding of how wrestling works.

Here's the team warming up.

This is Ben pinning his opponent in the 3rd match.

Here is Ben with his medal, and the pin he earned for pinning his opponent.

Happy January!


Tiffany said...

Packers fan who didn't love Jesus...I think that is adorable and touching :)

Jamie said...

Thank you. I thought so, too.