Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011!

We spent New Year's weekend in the Peoria area visiting family. Theo and I snuck in a date on Thursday night, but otherwise I missed most of our visit because I was so sick. I have been battling terrible sinus issues and an ear infection for 2 months now. No help from antibiotics, which only bought me about 4 days relief just before Christmas. I go to see my doctor this week for my annual check up and I am making him send me back to my sinus doctor who surgically removed cysts from my maxillary sinuses a few years ago. I am feeling awful.

Nevertheless, the boys loved the New Year's Eve hats MeMaw bought them. They were in bed by 8:30 however. I was out by 10, too.

We also recently announced on facebook that Theo has been promoted to Staff SGT, and we are being moved to a town just outside of St. Paul/ Minneapolis, Minnesota. Theo reports for duty there in a few short months, and the rest of us would ideally like to be up there by late spring, just in time for the boys to finish this school year in their current schools. We will have to sell our home, and begin the tedious process of buying a new home. Thankfully, the government does pay for movers to come in and move all of our stuff. I'm trying to keep a level head, and not freak out or become overwhelmed. Wish me luck with that. Ha!

Asking for lots of prayers and positive well wishes in this time of transition, please!


gina said...

I can't help but think about your amazing garden. Your beautiful, thriving amazing garden. Will you be able to transplant? Change is good Jamie. You'll be great with a blank canvas. You're in my thoughts.

gina said...

I remember last year at New Year's you were telling me about wanting a bigger yard.....maybe here's your chance :)

Jamie said...

Hi, Gina! I plan on taking many of the plants with me. I checked our zone up there, and I only go one zone own, which means many of my cherished plants can make the journey with us. I plan on digging them up and potting them in all the nursery pots I have saved in the vegetable bed, and keeping them there until we move. I can't live without my garden, so wherever we end up will have a yard I can go nuts in!!!