Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January around here.

It's very January around here. That means, lots of indoor time, organizing, cleaning. Ben returned to school this morning, and Hunter and I headed straight home to get some housework done. Nothing spectacular, just laundry, vacuuming, and making the bed, prepping for dinner.
I took a break around lunch time to do a little scrapbooking. Outside of the prints I made for my Daily December Album, and a few others here and there, I have not printed pictures in years, and I still have pictures to scrapbook. Kind of a long story, but I try and print a huge batch once a year with tax return money, and in two years that hasn't happened. Imagine this scrapbookers dismay... and anticipation of millions of new print coming at this months end! AH!

For now, I still have some random photos from 2008 that I am trying to get into books of some sort before the new ones arrive. I decided on a mini book detailing my husband and I's overnight anniversary trip to a Bed and Breakfast in December 2008. I started on the book last week, and added few more pages this week. Trying to keep it simple, and just tell the story. First story: Wow, we were so fat! hahahaha...
Lots of mustard at the Mustard Museum!
Love how the pictures are speaking for themselves throughout this album.
On a completely unrelated sidenote, Theo has begun calling Hunter "Hef" because he's obsessed with his new Tpy Story robe. Amidst numerous costume changes this robe stays on him all day long.
Happy January!

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