Sunday, January 23, 2011


Obsessed with knitting reds and reddish hues. As if I didn't get enough of that during Christmas?

Today, I'm working on this one:
There are also two new scarfs listed at the ol' Etsy shop.
This one:

And this one:

Yummy, right?
Been keeping physically busy by getting this house ready. Lots accomplished, serious de-cluttering taking place. It feels so sparse! I love it... I mean, I love my stuffy stuff, but having the house feel so barren in the winter is nice. Reminds me of what the house looked like before we had kids. All my baskets are back on the shelves holding my magazines, and a lot of my decor is replacing the kids books, scrapbooks and games. The wood is gleaming from a fresh deep cleaning. Love the smell of wood cleaner. It feels like a european magazine.
Well, almost. Still lots to do.

We should be getting our taxes back soon, and first on my list is a home carpet cleaner. I also want a new mattress cover for our bed, all my years of pictures printed, and new dog bed for Laura. I threw her old one away yesterday and she is pissed. It had a hole in it, and the fuzz was all over the place. Can't sell a house with a stinky dog bed in it.

Now that we're moving, and I know my whole garden will never be the same (some coming with, some staying behind, but all rearranged for sure), I think I may enlarge some of my favorite shots and frame them for our next home. Nice idea, like bringing a piece of this place with us. So I've been browsing old albums and playing with that idea. I've even thought about selling some garden shots in frames on Etsy.

I'm home with a sick Hunter from church this morning. Later today, Da Bears.

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