Sunday, January 9, 2011

Be Real.

The title of this blog is 'I love my life' right? So how about it? I've been moaping way too much lately. I have not been healthy for months, fighting ear infections, Raynaud's Syndrome, and bursitis in my hip... not to mention a sinus infection, and a throbbing throat and the never ending struggle to simply track my WW points. Inside, I'm a mess.

The stress of our move has caused my blood to boil up over my head... how am I going to sell this house with two tornados for children running around messing up everything I'm trying to clean, and my husband working full time not able to help me re-do, like, everything? I have watched enough TV to know how stage a house-- I think I what a buyer wants, but in the meantime, we need to re-do some floors, fill nail holes and paint, and maybe get a new roof, and get rid of like, half our stuff. For reals. And how resentful am I that I border on being a hoarder of random shit, like baby items when Hunter is now 4? Anyone need two boxes of Lansinoh Nursing Pads? Seriously.

And don't even get me started on the emotions of throwing out stained bibs and baby blankets. Balling my eyes out over little ducky slippers and spit-up pads. OMG, it's a wonder I haven't blown up and floated away yet.

So I'm purging, and cleaning, and examing and trying to figure out what I should aim to get done before in let a realtor in to tell us what he/she thinks we can sell this 120 year old house for. We simply have to break even. Even. We paid $109,00 for this house (I think), and we still owe about 97,000 on the mortgage (6 years... loans are something, aren't they? lol). So, pray about that for me, would ya?

But here I am all drama, freaking out, and I open up one of my most favorite blogs and see this whole post with sentences that start with the word "loving."

Admidst all the chaos, there are some thing I am loving right now. And pointing it out in a list might be just the thing to swing me back into positivity. So... how about it?

Loving the kids recent haircuts. They looks so much like their handsome dad.

Loving the double chocolate cookies I made last week and froze in a huge ziploc bag. They have some in handy a few times, and I haven't had to do anything but microwave them back to yumminess. Great idea.

Loving dreaming about a new home in a new town. The possibilities... will it be a ranch with an open floor plan and a fireplace I can resurface with river rock, or another old farm style with real wood floors? What will be view be, and how will I decorate it inside and out. I can't WAIT to get to this part!

Loving that I don't have pack anything for this move, and that Army sends someone to do it. Thank God!

Loving purging. The house feels less cluttered every hour I spend getting rid of stuff, and it rocks.

Loving the Starbuck's gift card my aunt gave me for Christmas. The freedom to get a treat like that when I need it is wonderful.

Loving the Smart Cycle, which poops out Hunter while Ben is at school.

Loving the new sweaters from my mother-in-law. Bold colors make me feel pretty even when I don't feel healthy. I also love having a mother-in-law who totally gets my style!

Loving home cooking. Made spaghetti with cinnamon and crushed red pepper and garlic parmesan bread last night, chicken chili with cornbread a few nights ago. Those warm meals are like therapy, and it makes me warm and satisfied to the core to hear /see my husband and kids enjoying it!

Loving google image search, as always. When I need a few minutes away from reality I sit down and search for inspiring images. I type in things like, stripes, flowers, bold color, paint, shabby chic, granny squares, etc, and clicl though pages and pages of ideas.

Loving the inspiration folder I started by saving images from my searches.

Loving knitting. There's always that.


Corinne said...

I am so jealous that you have someone packing for you :) We're moving at the end of the month... and packing is the only thing I can think of when I look around!
Good luck...

Jamie said...

I am lucky to have someone packing for us, that is for sure. The cost of packing materials alone would kill us! On the other hand, going a few months as single mom throughout the week is going to suck!