Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What's in our Christmas Tree?

Looks like an average shot of my over-the-top Christmas tree, right? Nope.

Hunter spots what is making my tree shake...

Thankfully, it's not a squirrel, although we have had one of those in the house before. God was that funny. Remember that, Theo? We had just moved into the house, and a squirrel got in, or maybe it was a chipmunk? Anyway, and the cats were chasing it, and we turned everything over, literally. The freakin' sofa was turned upside down. What a hoot! I was on top of a dining room chair b/c I was preggers, and I was afraid if it bit me I'd have to get some scary rabies shot or something. As if the chair would protect me. Theo ended up cornering it, and injuring it, and throwing it back out of the house. We laugh to this day b/c the cats were so worn out they gave up chasing the thing like an hour into the pursuit. Here, we're chasing this squirrel, and the fat cats are laying there, like, 'Oh, Lord, give it up already. (Yawn).'
Do you see our kitten, Tabatha, in the tree?

Tabatha is sitting in the pine tree, watching me and the birds outside the window. Sunbathing. Like its completely natural, right?

Have a great day everyone.


Misty said...

This bottom picture is holiday-card quality. I'm always jealous of the great shots you get! :p

Jamie said...

Thank you! :)