Monday, January 19, 2009

Christmas Morning at Home

Before I post a picture like this I feel I should explain myself. The amount of presents under this tree is alarming, but we live in Wisconsin, far from any family or friends. We don't get to go from house to house doing mini-present swaps with different portions of the family. Additionally, most of our family and friends send money or gift cards for us to buy presents for the kids and each other. In fact, Theo and I bought a only few small things for our mom's, some work pants for my brother, handful of little things for Alyssa, and something for Cousin Aidan and Auntie Caitlin. We spent $38 on Hunter, and not a penny of our own money on Ben. LOL. Everything here is from the two grandma's staying at our house, Me-Maw Angie and Grandma Anita, my grandparents Helena and Reino, Nana Cindy and Papa Matt, Auntie Caitlin and Uncle Allan, Auntie Di and Uncle Tom, Great Grandma Margaret, Great Grandpa Rademacher and Santa, of course.
Not all of the presents here are for the kids either. Just FYI.
Another thing to consider before you think we may have lost our minds... we have 6 months out of every year where we are mostly in the house due to cold or snow. The house is our playground, our classroom, the place where anything can happen. Especially with Theo potentially leaving for the Middle East this January, packing the coming year with as much fun stuff to do as possible s important for our boys and us. And our boys really, really play with their toys. It's cool.
With all that said, here's Santa' loot:

Yeah, there's even some on the side of the room I took the picture from. It was sheer madness, if you ask me. I've never seen anything like it.
The kids rise way before the sun and make a mad dash for the toys...
A moment to take it all in. Ben looooves this giant firetruck.
The $38 I spent on Hunter was for his very own Dyson. Y'all know how much he likes vacuuming, and when I saw it, I simply had to have it.
Ben asked santa for Moon Sand Treasure Kingdom, and he delivered.
Thomas train to add to this collection.
Dad's helping.
Uncle and Alyssa bought Ben these crazy things.
In the kitchen there was much, much more... like this train table.
And this 50's style diner from a certain spoiling Auntie.
This guy having coffee. ;)
And these two enjoying their 1st Christmas in Wiconsin.
More from the rest of our day to come soon.

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