Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Christmas Lovefest

Here are just a few images from Christmas Day at our house, early in the morning, before we got all cleaned up. Here's Angie with her boys, Theo and Uncle Trash, aka "Boo Kitty." Love it. :)

Playing with the toys.
H looking dapper.
B looking coy.

Mommy and me and our sacred coffee.
A bit of Grandma love.

Nice candid shot of Ben and his girlfriend.

Hot teeth, J. The teeth were one of the kids' presents from Uncle and Alyssa.

Hunter loves his "Ee-Ahh."

Yeah, we're pretty hot when he first wake up.

Only the Christmas spirit could get Theo show Alyssa this much love. :)

More to come, but isn't there always?

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