Friday, January 30, 2009

January Sunshine

It happens every January. We get this sunny, sunny day, and I can get indoor pictures, without any flash, clearly in focus and glowing. I attribute this to the snow amplifying the light 100%. So, here are a few pictures of my little cheeseballs:

After a nap one day Hunter had some serious morning hair. Julie pointed out that Hunter looks like Grandpa Reino when his hair gets all messed up from sleeping on the couch. haha! He does!

Here's the other cheeseball.

Could he smile any harder?
And I just had to include this thought. I've been feeding the birds for a few years now. I find each winter that birds seem to rely on me for food. I feed them religiously, nearly daily. I love watching them just outside our living and dining room windows. They add such color and intesrest to an otherwise potentially dreary day. I've made an effort to lure finches this winter, buying a finch feeder and finch food. In the cold winter, the finches up north turn more brown than yellow. But nevertheless, I have finches, dozens of them, in just weeks after adding their type of food. This isn't the finch feeder I added, but they seem to like to dip into each feeder out there, regardless, now that they are visiting.
I took this picture the other morning as several birds made their way in and out of the feeder. There were 20 more finches in the tree above the feeder, too. This feeder is right outside the bay window. I love how they swoop in and out of the feeder, and fly in flocks and flee when a threatening sounds comes, like the mail truck or one of the bigger city trucks. I don't know what find of the bird the reddish one in mid flight is, but I'm pulling out the birding book to figure it out this morning. I suspect it might be a finch, too.

Pretty amazing to me.

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