Monday, January 5, 2009

Two Little Turkeys full of stuffing...

Our boys keep us so busy. Even while living in Wisconsin, where winter's are so cold and treacherous, I find the their energy and creativity boundless. One afternoon Ben had this elaborate idea to make a Chocolate Factory ala Willy Wonka from his legos. Hunter joined in, and I even found it pretty irresistable; I added the train track. Here's our masterpiece.

Later a quick refueling.
The more musical of the two kiddos is Hunter Joe. Here's the Little Drummer Boy banging away.

Soldier Boy, dad's hat.
Another time the boys built a camp on the living room floor.
Ben dressed himself on this day in December, with camoflauge shorts, a Bear's jersey w/o an undershirt, and black socks.
Here, they are scarfing down the popcorn tin Grandma sent.

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