Tuesday, January 27, 2009

30 Things: Knitting

Many moons ago I posted 30 things I wanted to do before I turned 30 (which happens in about 2 months). I have the desire to learn knitting for some time now. A few years ago I entered a random one day contest in Michaels to win a Knifty Knitter, a set of circle looms for knitting, and I won. Sometime later Caitlin found me the straight loom Knifty Knitter, too. I have had these looms and 2 skeins of yarn sitting a basket in my craft room for a long, long time.

I've recently made good friends with one of the other preschool mom's, Casey. We've totally hit it off. One afternoon were jabber-jawing on about something when one of us brought up knitting. Within a few minutes we both confirmed we had the Knifty Knitter looms sitting in our possession barely or unused. With that, we confirmed our next date, and brought our tools together. Someone had shown Casey how to use it years ago, and she had completed a hat, so she was able to get me going... and I loved it! I can barely put the things down.

We've since gone yarn shopping a few times, and are actively pumping out scarves & such like crazy. I made the boys some small scarves:

Then, I made this thin green blend boucle scarf.

Then, I made this fuzzier fluffy thin, short, red scarf.

I've started this one for Alyssa:

In my first attempt at something mixed I took a fuzzy thin yarn and went every other row with a multi-color self-patterning yarn. I made this thin, long scarf with the tassles on the end (per Casey's suggestion!).

Inspired by the every other row mixing with one semi-solid and one self-patterning multi-color yarn, I set out to mix these two yarns, which both contain pinks, reds, and oranges (as well as browns).

This fuzzy soft scarf if the result, and I'm calling it my Valentine's Day scarf... so that means you have to take me somewhere Theo!

Today, I'm working on this one:

I found the pea soup green yarm at Joann's (it's from Vanna White's yarn line), and then I found this fuzy multi-color in Madison at Wisconsin Craft Market, originally marked at $9.99, and marked down to $3.99. I knew right away I'd be combining it with the pea soup soild, and I love how they are coming out! The fuzzy yarn is adding some nice elacticity to the scarf that I didn't expect. It's super soft, and thick-feeling, too.

So, yet another full time hobby to juggle. I'm obessessed. Look for more to come. I love my life.

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Melissa said...

I SOOOOO want to try this thing. I've never been very good at crocheting either. Is it easier? Do you know of a good tutorial before I spend 20 bucks on looms and needles/hooks and then more on yarn. I really want to make some scarves.