Friday, November 7, 2008

Test Driving the Park

One of the larger parks in town tore down their older "toys" last year. Ben was noticeably upset when his favorite slide vanished and in it's place sat a vacant pile of sand for months and months. Late this summer I noticed the city finally replaced the equipment, and have had a visit to the park on the to-play list for some time now. Last month we finally got out to the park to test-ride the new stuff. The boys love the park, and were delighted!

They race to the new slide:

Obviously the new slide is a hit with the kids.
While we were at the park we also needed to roll in the sand, too.

Gotta love autumn.

Ben's not a fan of the swings, but Hunter loves em'.

When Ben wears his hat he pulls it on/off, and his ears get tucked down like this... he looks so silly.

Hunter's a big guy, pushing Ben on the Merry Go Round.

Love this hat.
Old school rides.

One of the new pieces of park equipment is a teeter-totter, and Hunter pretty much hated it. Being smaller means tons of time up in the air with brother at the helm. Cracked me up!!
Hope you enjoyed our trip to the park!

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