Monday, November 17, 2008

Out to Lunch

The last week of October we set out for lunch in New Glarus, a town a little way away from us. On our way there I took some pictures of the landscape along the road. The fall colors were pretty enough still. For those of you who don't live in southern Wisconsin it might surprise you to know that outside of town most of the roads we drive on, including 75% of Theo's daily commute, look a lot like this:

This is the Suagr River:

There's a little swiss bar I'm in love with called, "Glarner Stube," which translates to "Living Room of New Glarus." They serve New Glarus beer, brewed right there in town. The Spotted Cow variety is my very favorite. Theo usually gets Schnitzel, and I get a swiss grilled cheese on rye. We've had their fabulous cheese fondue, and love their cheese curds, too. Once, my grandparents ordered a battered fish and the huge serving was impressive. But most of all, we love the Roesti--shredded potatos with a swiss cheese, such as raclette or appenzell. We like the staff, too. Ben announced to our waitress, who is working every time I've ever been in there, "You remember my name, Benjamin Frederick Rex!" Oh, she laughed so hard. She asked if he wanted her to pack up his remaining lunch, and he told her, "No, I want to do it myself, please." She brought out all the foil and doggie bags she'd need, and he helped her pack up every piece. On our way out the barkeep/host gentlemen let the kids play with a Halloween toy, and a talking deer head on the wall. We simply love this place.

Note: For a bigger selection of Roesti creations, you can cross the street to The New Glarus Hotel; we've dined there once, and fell in love with the spicy horseradish mustard served with the Roesti, and made by the one of the ladies on the wait staff (and they sell it to-go, too). We return to the Glarner Stube more often b/c of the lower prices, and more relxed atmosphere (kids).
The Glarner Stube:

After we ate we walked around the block, got some cookies & pumpkin frycakes from the bakery, and headed to a local state park. I took a few pictures of the kids walking around town.

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