Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Muddy Fall Boots

We've had a surprisingly muddy autumn here. Or, maybe I just forget all the mid that comes along with this time of year? I feel like I've been vacuuming up leaves everyday, and outside, we get down right soggy. We've pulled out the spring boots, thankfully they still fit the kids.


We've been able to play a little in the middle of all the yard work. We have 3 large trees, and several small trees on our less-than-one-acre lot. Our neighbors, upwind, have 3 huge maples, too. So raking starts in October, and ends in December (with our late-to-shed willows). Ben and Hunter haven't quite hit the age where I can make then rake for me, but its coming. Oh yes, it is. For now, I've been doing it. (Yesterday, not pictured, Theo and Jason helped with yard duty). The little men around here just play while I work along:

And all warm in the house our boots dry. Mom needs a cute pair next spring, huh? Dark green, or perhaps something wild like polka dots?

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