Friday, November 7, 2008

Autumn Walk,

I miss our walks. We used to walk nearly 3 miles every day, and we hardly ever set foot out the door anymore. One cool fall day last month I couldn't resist... the temps were perfect and the trees were just gorgeous. We didn't do the whole 3 miles, Hunter begged to walk his baby, and Ben begged to walk like a big guy (no stroller), so we took an abreviated stroll around our neighborhood.

All ablaze!

Cuties, it was obviously a Bear's day...
Ben collected leaves.

The baby enjoyed his stroll, too.

Some of my favorite views along the way:

A brief pause for a picture or two:

More scenic views:

We took a tiny detour to visit an old friend. Our helpful, neighbor and friend recently passed away, and I was unable to attend the services for lack of a babysitter. Ben's been learning a lot about God at school, and even death and heaven, so I thought I'd make what he's learning a little more tangible by taking him to see our friend's gravesite. Ben has such a refreshing perspective about heaven, he's downright joyful about seeing Jesus and all, although he's not in any hurry. :) I explained to him how we get a spot down here on earth so our friends and family can visit us. He loves the idea that we can visit our friend here and chat with him. It was a nice, healthy, discussion, and I'm so glad we visited our pal, too.
More beautiful scenes on the way home.


Amy G said...

Adorable boys... I'm so glad you guys are such cool parents and don't get uptight about Hunter wanting to walk his baby doll in a stroller... many parents would be all like "My boy isn't having a doll" .. he's going to be a compassionate wonderful father some day without all the gender role hang ups

Jamie said...

Of course, Theo does shrug, and put up a litle macho-guy fight about it, but there's no denying Hunter's innate caring instinct. Hunter's going to take great care of pets and babies in his life, he's a natural at it. One of his first sentences was, "What happened, momma?" He's as compassionate as they come. :)