Friday, November 7, 2008

Library stop.

The fire safety class and park simply weren't enough excitement for one day. We headed directly to the library to borrow some fall-themed books and a few movies, too. I love ourlibrary, they have a nice selection, and it's very kid friendly. Mostly, though, I love the artwork on the kids section. This huge mural graces the wall above the kids book, trains, puzzles, and dollhouse.

Half the mural is a mosaic:

The other half transitions to a painting... I love how it transitions, keeping the mosaic texture only on the tree.

The details of the mosiac are hard to appreciate in this lighting, and without being able to reach out and touch it. But you can see some of the scenes closer here, including this picnic blanket, which has the most intricate floral pattern on the blanket (click on the picture to enlarge):

A walk in the park, complete with flowers, and pets...

Some of my favorite details are the umbrella handle & trim.

On our way to the car I was ready to call it a day, but then I noticed these trees on fire! With fall color, that is...

Beneath the tree I spotted this tiny hill, and plenty of fallen leaves, too. I had to encourage the boys to roll around a bit while I held the books & movies, and took pictures of course...

Before we left we had to thank the trees, naturally.

Happy Autumn everyone!

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