Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fire Safety Week

When the weather was better we were attending a Thursday play group. One Thursday we were invited to a local gymnastics class for a fire safety event. Of course, Benjamin is obsessed with becoming a fireman like his Uncle, so I jumped on the chance to take him to see the firefighters and truck.
Here he's listening to the teacher:

She put on all this gear so the kids would know not to be afraid of firefighters in their gear; the kids got to go up and touch her and everything.

Then we headed outside to see the truck. The boys stood out in front of the other kids in the class.
Don't know this kid with Ben, but he hopped into the picture.
He was the first to jump into the truck.
Ben asked about every single part, it was hilarious!

All the kiddos, including Hunter, are gathered here.

Before we left Ben asked me to take his picture.
Good times.

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