Monday, November 10, 2008

Apple Hut

The second big field trip Ben took with his class was to a local apple farm. The farm owner took us on a wagon ride up into the orchard where each kid was allowed to pick an apple off of the trees; then we went back down the hill and he gave us a tour of the refridgerator, and small sales area. We ate apple cider donuts, and apple cider; I came home with a huge bag of Cortland apples, my very favorite, and a dozen apple cider donuts to share with my brother and the kids in the days to come.
It was raining on his during this trip, so the pictures are few and blurry.

Hunter came along on the field trip also. He has both my apple and his, and he was allowed to eat his as the other kids learned from the farmer.

Here's Ben and his apple.

Learning how they wash and sort the apples.
Snack time.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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