Monday, November 17, 2008

New Glarus State Park

After our lunch in New Glarus we drove up the road to explore a state park. I was pleased to find the secluded, and empty playground where we could romp, and take pictures. Even Uncle Jason climbed up the play equipment.

The autumn colors in the park were spectacular!

Me, hugging trees, as usual.

Ben runs around the structure.
Hunter, too.
Dad stands by:
Love my noodle:

A helping hand...

Jason went down the slides... so did I, but no one took a picture of it. LOL.
A family photo session on the grass. I wanted to get in as many of these as I could before it got too cold outside, and before Theo goes.

They are jumping on our backs, full force, while Jason takes pictures.

The most cooperative shot we got all day:
Some hill rolling, and sand crawling:

Awe... Jason.
Jason climbed up on this tree stump and Ben followed him up there.

More fall color shots before we headed home for the day.

I'm a goofball.
Ben was trying to get water and this fountain went nutso.

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