Saturday, December 15, 2007

Playroom Madness

A few months ago I decided to convertBen's bedroom into a playroom. We were having trouble getting him to go to sleep; he would rather stay up and play with all the tempting toys around him. Hunter on the other hand, was having trouble falling asleep alone. Our solution, which at the time seemed risky, was to move both boys into one room to sleep, and move all the toys into one room to play.

The room the boys sleep in is really small; it served as my office before baby #2, and right now holds only a crib, a toddler bed, small corner shelf, and small nightstand. I put all the boys stuffed animals in there, put some glow in the dark stars on the ceiling, and added a CD player for lullabies. It seems to have brought the boys closer, Hunter doesn't cry when we leave anymore, Ben's not afraid of the dark anymore, and after a few "Go to sleep!"'s from mom and dad, the kids sleep all night.

The playroom has been under construction. I have added various sorts of storage in anticipation of the pending holiday. If I can keep these boys off the naughty list, they will have more toys than I know what to do with. Hunter is outgrowing a lot of things, so I'm moving things to the basement, too. For some reason, whenever I'm on Weight Watcher's I'm crazy anal. I clean, re-organize, sort, and move, move, move... the kids room was not left alone in my hurricane this week. You can't even walk in the hallway upstairs, and last night I tackled the basement. Chaos. Complete chaos.

The day before yesterday I sat down in the playroom to play with the boys. We had a pretty good time with Little Peopl and Go Diego stuff. Hunter showed us his batting skills (he's a lefty!). I realized I never take pictures of this magical place in our house, special enough to be called, "The playroom." So here you go, the playroom:

And how funny is this, Hunter rides his rocking moose and says, "Rock on!"

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