Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Day At Home

We didn't do anything on Christmas Day. We stayed around the house, played with toys... relaxed in preparation for that grueling 3-day work week coming up. LOL. Oh, but I did take pictures.

Heaven forbid Hunter wear pants on Jesus' birthday?

H playing with those race cars he loves so much.

I tried to get some picture of me and my cuddle bugger:
Surprisingly Ben was more cooperative.

I love this picture of Ben, he looks like such a big boy.
He ate soft candy canes all day, and had this red ring around his mouth most of the time.
He loves this new gun target toy.

I had to share my gift from Auntie Di, the necklace and bracelet are her own creations, I love them!
And this is the bracelet Theo and the boys bought me. Pretty huh?
And a more successful than usual attempt at getting the boys in one picture together. Maybe it's Christmas, but it looks like they love each other? You can see Hunter is saying, "cheese!" by the position of his mouth. Too cute.

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