Saturday, December 15, 2007

More Christmas...

We have made a tradition out of visiting the family in Chicago on Christmas Eve. This year, Great Papa is in the hospital fighting malnourisment, so we struggled to decide whether or not to gather. In the end, we all met up & had a somber, yet still very enjoyable time. Tom and Di stuffed our faces with appetizers, italian sausage and beef sandwiches, and I brought many of the goodies I made down with us, too. We ate, talked, opened presents, and took in each other's company. Gathering with our family always feels to warm and safe, and the grown-up boys act a lot like Ben and Hunter once the toys open up. I love that there are so many men in the family, it's fun to watch the different stages of life interact.
Uncle Tom with Hunter.


Dad and Ben.

Grandma Carol (Di's mom), Uncle Kevin, and Great Grandpa R.
The tree.
Ben gets to sit at the counter with Uncle Tom.
Dad, Hunter and Grandma Chris play on the floor.
Great Grandpa R take sit all in.

Dad, Hunter and Papa Dave debate how to open the Remote Control Scoop.
Ben tear's into another present.
Uncle Kevin steals a cuddle with Hunter.

Grandma Carol bought the boys these doodle books, and Ben actually slept with his. His was a Cars theme, so he was in love with it.
The greatest toy of the night was this log with Sasparilla cans on top, complete with a gun so Ben can practice shooting like dad. Question is who enjoyed it more, the kids or the grown kids?

Papa Dave still works on getting Scoop out of the box. LOL.

Dakota hated the Remote Control Mater (from Cars movie) that Ben got.

Enjoying the fire.
Kevin and Hunter playing with Scoop.

Auntie Di snuggles Hunter bug.
Papa dave gets weaseled into drawing mater in the doodle book... later Uncle Tom drew Sally, and at home daddy has been drawing all of them, too.
Grandma Chris takes a much needed rest on her daddy's shoulder.
Papa dave with Hunter:

See, I was there, too.

Merry Christmas!

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