Saturday, December 15, 2007

Let's PLAY!

What else is there to do but spend the entire day playing with all the new stuff? Oh, and make a big breakfast. MeMaw gave me another tutorial on making bacon gravy. My family doesn't make gravy. In fact I'd never had white gravy until I ate breakfast at Theo's parents' house about 4 years ago. I have sinced taken lessons from Grandma Carol (Aunt Di's mom), and Angie. I have had my moments where it's tastes great, but sometimes I really screw it up. Now, after her help, I really feel like I can be more consistent.

So here's the chaos after we got rid of the wrapping paper.

Here's Hunter's Mack:

And here is Ben's Mack:

This is the Cars Race Track, enjoyed by grown boys, too.

Ben loves all of the play food. Up until now he's used thing like blocks and trains to pretend they are food, and baskets and buckets have been ovens.

Here's Hunter having fun with some of his new stuff:

Ben sets up shop with his Flo's V8 Cafe on the kitchen table.

Hunter shows off his cookie-filled belly.

This is Hunter's very favorite thing, the bark bark Vac.

Hunter's race track:

MeMaw gives Hunter love before she has to drive home in the horrible windy weather.

We played from sun up to sun down.

Santa brought the girls rawhide, and they shared.

And Christmas still wasn't over yet...

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