Saturday, December 15, 2007

MeMaw Visits, Santa Sneaks in Early.

Who are they all waiting for? Me-Maw! Grandma Angie came to spend the weekend with us; we made Christmas dinner, decorated cookies, and opened presents from MeMaw and Santa (who visited the Rex Household Saturday).

Hunter giving MeMaw tons of love...

MeMaw bought the boys tons of toys, including wooden play food, a play toaster, a dump truck that grabs, playdoh goodies, some coats-including a blue corduroy blazer with elbox patches for Ben, some battery operated trains, Ernie and Elmo handpuppets, a Lite Brite, the Sheriff from the Cars Movie, and Candyland.
Hunter also got this hat from Me-Maw, and he wears it all the time. It's still covered in flour from when he wore it to decorate cookies.
Hunter dipped his face in sprinkles. Of Course.
After decorating cookies, we put the boys down to sleep, and patiently awaited Santa's arrival.
I took this picture just before the boys made it down the steps on Christmas morning (Sunday for us):
Ben was way way excited, "Which one is Mack, mom?"

Hunter begs dad to get his Buzz Lightyear out of the box!
The Chaos:
Ben picked this train out at Walmart months ago; he said Hunter would like that. He asked Santa to bring it when we sat on his lap at the mall. Hunter snatched it up in no time, it's definately more his age level.

The last present we opened was Mack. Ben got a big Mack that opens up into a small village for all of the race cars to play in. Hunter got a mini-mack, that holds the race cars like one of those car carrier semi's. All in all, the boys scored bigtime: they got an easel, finger paint, crayons, coloring books, LeapFrog writing desk, Cars stuff-including Flo's V8 Cafe, the Dinoco helicopter, Mack, a set of race cars, Sally, Flo & Ramone, and a Cars portable race track, a playskool race track for Hunter's age group, a cash register, McDonald's playfood & cash register, a play vacuum, a BuzzLightyear and shuttle, a Barney movie, a Spongebob pillow, a LeapFrog fridge DJ and letter thingy, Dizzy & a play cement set from Bob the Builder, walkie talkies, and a writing book. I think there may have been more. The boys bought mom a bracelet, I bought dad a "field journal" for his hunting photos and notes. All "Santa" presents were made possible by donations from some family elves known as Great Grandma and Great Grandpa, and Grandma Anita. I had the pure joy of running all over town to buy the goods, and I loved it. What fun! Thank you everyone, cards will soon be mailed to the North Pole.

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