Saturday, December 15, 2007

Let the Christmas Pictures Flow...

So my new memory stick for my camera holds like 800 pictures plus, and these are big picture files, like 12 MB (in case you want a poster sized picture of Hunter's diaper butt, right?). Lotsa. I still had room to take 400 more when I uploaded these babies. Lovin' this.

I hope everyone had a incredible Christmas. The Rex's holiday was nothing short of special, and it lasted 4 days. Saturday the boys let us sleep past 6am, a holiday miracle, and we lazed around all morning. Around 10am I realized I had to bake, and make a Christmas dinner that day, and I got my butt in gear.

Hunter put in a call to the big guy. "Santa, I know I won't keep my pants on, but please still bring me my Bark Bark Vac and Fridge DJ."

Dad plays with H:

Ben by the tree.

Ben was a great helper when it came to the baking.

This baby is bad ass. Pictures here are anise tea cookie dough, with a little bit of red fod coloring for festivity.

Herras Vaen Pikku Leivat dough being cut, baked, cooled (Finnish for: Rich People's Small Cookies)
White Chocolate Fudge with M & M's on top.
When all the baking was done I made 4 kinds of fudge (PB, Milk Chocolate PB, White Chocolate and Semi-Sweet-I cut back this year), and a half dozen different cookies. Included were 3 types cookie press cookies, Snowflakes-cream cheese and orange juice & zest, Christmas Trees-with almond extract, Anise Tea Cookies, also Herras Vaen Pikku Leivat- thin potato startch cookies sandwiched with red raspberry preserves and rolled in sugar, Mummu's cookies-w/ rum & orange zest, and our neighbor Spence's Norwegian sugar cookies-taste like Lofthouse cookies. Dinner consisted of ham, sweet rolls, hot potato salad, candied & mashed sweet potatos, and green bean casserole. I gained 3 lbs in 3 days, but that can all be undone in a week, starting RIGHT NOW. LOL.
More to come later...

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