Saturday, February 27, 2010

Camping in their Bedroom.

Yesterday dad had a rare half day at home. Since Theo began treatment for alcoholism he's been going through intense outpatient therapy as well as attending frequent AA meetings. He is doing incredible, and celebrated one month sober this week! Most days we see him for 1-2 hours in the evening, so having him home for a whole evening was a real treat. I made sure to schedule several events for him and the boys. Tee-hee.
First, the boys wanted to build a snow man. Sure, I know how to build a snow man, but since I injured my knee, I can't kneel, and therefore would suck at rolling balls of snow. lol. So, I promised the boys daddy would build one with them Friday. Here you have their result:

I ran out and used the awesome snowman kit from grandma Anita years ago, to finish him off. Hunter and Ben were quite proud of him. As you can see, we still have tons of snow on the ground here, and Spring seems like it's an eternity away.

Next, prompted by my $10 Buzz Lightyear sleeping bag find at Walmart, the boys concocted an elaborate night of camping indoors.

Ben insisted we make smores. He said we had to go to the store and get the stuff for the smores, adding, "We have graham crackers in the cabinet, Mom, but they are not good anymore. And we have no marshmellows, so you need to get the big kind." For the record, the grahams we had in the cabinet were fine, he just thinks he knows everything.

Dad made smores in the kitchen, and we all indulged in a few (I counted them, of course).

The boys brought up Ben's old Thomas the Train tent, and Ben's camoflauge sleeping bag. Here Hunter gathers more pillows and stuffed animals.

The $10 sleeping bag came with a compass and a flashlight. Good deal!

Ben was so tired, he was ready to fall asleep as dad was tucking them in.

Hunter, on the other hand, is ready to play with his flashlight for hours, or, er um, sleep. Right.

G'nite kiddies.

In the end the boys played in the tent for hours, and ended up falling asleep side by side in their top bunk, as the tent lay deflated on the ground. You can be sure Hunter yanked the sleeping bag into the top bunk with him, though. And the whole experience was worth the effort. They had a blast.


Sarah said...

So cute! Love the indoor camping. Seriously, will this winter ever end?

Great snowman We used to have one of those kits, and we used it to make our pathetic snow mounds look like men, but we forgot to retrieve the pieces last year, and I think birds and squirrels ate them. Oops.

Jamie said...

So funny. One year we made a snowman with the kit, and he thawed out back, but before I could get the pieces we got a nother huge snowfall. the pieces reamained buried until the first major spring thaw again. lol.

gina said...

LOVE the indoor camping idea. We promised Bella to take her and Mia camping for real, like maybe the backyard or something--but this? This is great! Um, I think my graham crackers are old. Off to check dates.

Jamie said...

lol. Yeah, we promised the boys real camping later this spring, too. We have a fire pit in the yard, so we roast marshmellows and weiners in the summer time. I want to go camping the woods, by water, for real. lol.