Friday, February 12, 2010

A Little Valentine's Love

Valentine's Day is technically two days away, but I am feeling the spirit. I have taken a few snapshots of my boys around the house in the last week, and I thought I'd share them now.

Here are Ben and Dad, resting in the middle of wrestling.

Here is Ben in all his happy glory.

Hunter wasn't feeling super, so he laid on the couch. He looks so adorable, and delicious, all snuggled up and droopy. I can'r resist cuddling him. He'll say, "I want to huddle hum-one. A big people."

Here is Hunter up to his neck in Dad's Santa sleepshorts.
Ben and a recent puzzle. We have been organizing the puzzle basket all week long. I can't even see the dining room table. Ben has been a tremendous help.
Here is Hunter chowing on the Vanilla Marshmellow Peeps from Grandma. I love how he ate the tops off the hearts.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.


Amy G said...

I love, love, love so much that Hunter says he wants to cuddle a big people.

Jamie said...

Me, too. :)