Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our Winter Games.

We have been so blessed to have another snow filled winter. My boys love the snow so much. They beg to go sledding all the time. Theo has a 4-day weekend now, so we made sure to plan some sledding. This morning, the boys barely made it to 9:30 before they were putting their snow pants over their pajamas!
Love Ben's face here.

Rosy cheeks. It was 19F degrees out. We mentioned that to Ben, and he said, "I love 19 degrees!

Little Hunter man.

A little Valentine's love in some uncharted snow.

My gloves, holding my coffe, watching the kiddos.

I love walking in fresh snow.
I found these shadows so beautiful.
I went for a little trek while the boys played, and was pleased to find the snow glistening like glitter! Not just glitter, but mica flake glitter that only a crafter and collector could appreciate! lol.

Ben speeds down the hill. This snow was very slick!

Hunter hauling his sled back up the hill.

Coming down.

A path in the snow.
Crashing and laughing.
Hunter says, again and again, "I want to stay here fo-ev-ah."

Ben's so invigorated by sledding!

Racing back up the hill.

I had to show you my adorable Valentine's Day gloves. I found them 5 years ago for $1 at a box store.

Dad and the boys.

And finally, my favorite pictures from the day! Our family pictures! It has been since September since we were all in a photo together. I brought the tripod out to the sledding hill with us. So pleased with how these turned out. I can't wait to frame one.

Happy Valentine's Day to you, again!


Misty said...

Y'all are too cute. Even at your boys' age I thought deep snow and low temps were a circle of hell. ;) Nice to know at least somebody out there appreciates it!

Jamie said...

lol. They LOVE the snow!!!!!