Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Love

I threw up a handful of decorations in the dining room this week. I made this banner from some glitter letters I found for pennies in the clearance bins at Joann's, felt hearts and tinsel garland found at 90% off Christmas decor last season.

I put out several red candles I have had for years, many of which are hand me downs.
My mom made this tiny pillow in the eighties and I have been carting it around ever since. I put a ribbon on it this week, and hung it.
Made these Monday at brunch with some girlfriends.

We started out our Valentine's Day at church. The chapel is being remodeled, so we had service in the fellowship hall. Here is Hunter, in his black corduroy suit, walking up the steps to sing.
Ben rounds the steps to sing, too.

Ben is surrounded by his buddies, Sydney and McKenzie. Hunter's face itched, and he scratched it through the whole song.

While the boys were at Sunday school I started the Red Velvet Cupcakes, a family Valentine's tradition.

Love the color of the batter.

The boys get home, nap, and then play with their presents. Both boys got some Nerds candy, and chocolate covered marshmellow hearts. Ben also got a Spiderman counting book, and a Transformer's book.

Ben worked on this house all week, but I finished the roof for him today. I think the "gumdrops" were too tedious for him.

I looooooove cupcakes.
Never enough pictures of cupcakes if you ask me.
Dad helps Ben with his numbers.

Ben made these decrations a few weeks ago. Hunter's were hanging up, too, but they mysteriously vanished. Bet he had something to do with it.

Ben and Hunter made these a while ago, too. Ben's is on the left, and Hunter's on the right.

Hunter made this at Sunday school today.
Here are the cards I made for Theo and the boys.

Brotherly love.
Me and my boys.

My love and I.

Me. See my necklace? "J" and "love."
It is our dog Laura's 5th birthday today. We gave her one of the cupcakes, too.
Laura loves sweets, I can't believe she didn't grab this right out of Theos' hand.
Hunter eats his cupcake.

Yum! Cupcakes as big as his head!

Ben loves his cupcake, too. So much frosting it looks like an ice cream cone.

Oh, and heck yeah I had one. I am a baker. I will not live a life without sweets. I'm working on baking in moderation. And eating the baking in moderation. lol. This one was worth ever single point!!

Ben was totally unaware he had frosting on this nose.

I love this picture of Hunter and Ben interacting while eating cupcakes.

Cupcakes = Joy

After cupcakes, sledding again! Here goes Hunter!
Hunter on his way up the hill.
There goes Ben!
Ben flips on the jump. He is so brave!

Hunter goes down with sheer joy in his face.

I fell down and re-injured my bad knee. I slipped on the ice. I sat in one spot for some time. The kids loaded up on the sled beside where I was sitting.

Me, still sitting. Here comes all the kids again.

Rather than limp down the hill, and risk fallingagain, I went down on the sled with Hunter one more time. We made air twice over some bumps, and so much powder flew in our face I couldn't see Hunter's eyes when we got to the bottom. It was awesome!

Happy Valentine's Dayeveryone!


gina said...

I love the valentines decorations. I think I'll make an XOXO banner for next year.

Jamie said...

Thanks Gina! You should, but I'll warn you. They are addicting!