Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sometimes I wonder...

Ben is so strange. He comes up with the oddest stuff. Yesterday he walked down the stairs and showed me this:

He says, "Mom, look what I made for the dead fireman." I cautiously turned my head, and sure enough my son made a casket for his fireman. Out of legos. Okay then.

See, that is the spot for his feet. Hmm. Ben's maturity and curiosity just amaze me. Both his soon-to-be-kindergarten teacher and his current preschool teacher refer to him as a sponge. He can explain what happens to your soul after you die, and how gravestones mark where you are buried. Aparently he's pretty keen on how the coffin works, too. Also, he knows firemen put their lives on the line. Intense stuff for a 5 year old.

This morning he announced that if the newspaper people could see the great lego Power Miner things he builds they would promptly put him the newspaper as "The Best Lego Builder Ever." I asked him who told him that, and he said he came up with it all on his own. Of course. He added under his breath, "He can't wait!"

Hunter on the other hand, is adorable. Also strange, but mostly just way too cute for me to handle. This morning I was upset, actually crying because the city workers are replacing the electric poles on the corner of my property and they trampled their big stinky boots all over a small lilac shrub I raised from a tiny stick 4 years ago. He saw me crying, explaining the situation to Theo on the phone and brought me a palm he made at school out of construction paper, and said, "Do dis make you happy, mom?" It did. Of course. He's adorable, and still has those edible chubby baby cheeks I smoosh myself against whenever life feels sour. His feet don't even stink yet, therefore making it still very appropriate to kiss his toes, too. Thank God for little boys and love.

In contrast, Ben wouldn't let me smoosh myself against his face for a second, I barely get to kiss him because he's so busy building things. I could barely get him to go to school this morning because he was so inspired by his legos. Won't be long before Hunter doesn't want to cuddle his momma anymore either. Hmpf. Those stinky boys.

Here are a few shots of Hunter earlier this week wearing his Tiger costume.

See, you want to eat him up, too, huh?

And pinch his tiny little butt.


Also, finally, out new countertops are in. We spent most of this week working on getting these puppies installed properly. We are amatuers, and clearly not smarter than sink clips. Anyhoot, we have new counters, and are quite pleased. Later this month we'll be painting the cabinets a nice dreamy white called "Powder Sand," the same color as the rest of the trim in our home.

Happy week to you all.


Courtney Walsh said...

love. kitchen. counters!!

So pretty. I seriously laughed out loud at the lego casket. As a mom of boys, I totally understand.

Jamie said...

So glad you understand. I am still getting used to this kind of stuff, and he weirds me out sometimes. lol.