Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bloat Sucks.

So, with this trip to California rapidly approaching my diet anxieties (well, all my anxieties) are at full throttle. In the past, vacations or big events have proven to sabbotage my best intentions. I have got to come up with a fool proof plan.

I am on a roll right now. Since December 31st, in 11 weeks, I have lost 19.6 lbs. My clothes fit wonderfully, and I feel a million times better. I still have a long way to go, and want no setbacks.

A good friend pointed out that I have lost the equivalent of a 20 lbs bag of soil. I happened to have purchased one that day, and could barely lift it, yet I was carrying it around with me just a few shorts weeks ago.

First, I must make sure to pack friendly car foods, for both myself and the family. I may put oranges, and Weight Watcher's snack cakes in the bag for me, but if the kids have Goldfish crackers there is no way I wil be able to keep my hands out of there. The addition of car activities, such as knitting and reading will help me not want to eat as much.

Second, I have got to track my points every single chance I get. I will have to switch to paper tracking for the road portions of the trip. I am finding the transition challenging b/c the Weight Watcher's website has erased a few of my memories; before I always knew the points value of everything in my head, and now I don't have to. I know if I track every morsel I will succeed. Therefore, that is what I must do.

Three, I have got to eat according to my activities. We will be on the road 4 days (2 there, and 2 back). Thanks to my pedometer I will know exactly how many steps I rack up at rest stops. I cannot make any mistakes on very low activity days, and should probably eat my points minimum. On the days I can, I need to walk as much as possible. I have pulled Theo in on the idea, and we have plans to take several walks in our old town during whatever down time we find. On Disneyland Day I know I will walk more, and I plan on using those activity points to stay satisfied, but also to feel slightly indulgent on my "vacation."

Fourth, I need to bring my Tens Unit (transcutansous electric nerve stimulator) to help with my back pain. Thankfully, the unit, which arrived this week, is extremely portable. I plan on having it with me all the time, just incase!

Fifth, I have got to attend meeting while on vacation. I know where to go, as I was on Weight Watcher's when I lived in So Cal. I will bring my monthly pass, and attend while I am there.

Sixth, I cannot let anyone deter my intentions.

As for the here and now, I have a WW meeting in the morning, and I am as bloated as can be. I thought to myself, this in all psychological, and stood on the scale to find out I am indeed retaining about 5 lbs of water! No doubt my menstrual cycle combined with the stress of this trip is farfing up my body, bigtime. I am using my "no weigh-in pass" tomorrow morning unless some miracle occurs between now and then. I pledge to not let skipping a weigh in throw me off, and plan on stepping on the scale early next week in Southern California.

Now, back to the stress of packing, and preparing to leave.


Sarah said...

Have a great trip! When you come back, let's go to the zoo!!!! We went today and it was fabulous (except I almost lost Harry at the park and had a heart attack and then I made us leave, and both boys lost their marbles).

Your plan sounds perfect!

Misty said...

I'm with Sarah. You have a plan, which, for me is great anti-anxiety medicine. :)

Y'all have a wonderful, safe, and healthy adventure! Looking forward to posts and pictures.