Saturday, March 13, 2010

We have not been up to much blog worthy stuff lately.
Here are a few of Ben's art fair projects. The lego creation is a "Transformer that turns into an airplane."

Hunter has been amazingly helpful in spring garden clean up. He filled two trash cans with twigs and wet leaves all by himself! He is having trouble understanding why we can't mow immediately.

Theo finally tackled the giant pieces of the tree in our yard that was cut down by the energy compnay a few weeks ago. The logs and saw dust were all frozen in the snow until this week. This giant log from the very base of the tree kicked Theo's butt, and took him hours to break up.

Hunter got some good cuddle time in with his Schmoopy cat this week. This poor cat has trauma from Hunter hauling him around for his entire kittenhood; now, Hunter is the only person Schmoopy will let hold him.

Hopefully, as spring warms up, more fun, photographable things will occur.

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