Thursday, June 14, 2012


Hunter said the most amazing thing tonight. I was getting them ready for bed and he said, "Mom, you know what I do sometimes when I'm going to sleep and I had a really good day? I remember it all in pictures and store it all together like a really good book. And sometimes it is things with me and you." Later he added, "I keep it right there on the wall between my tiger pictures." There's nothing really there, of course.

Tonight I'm certain his baseball game will be in the pictures. He kept talking about it all evening, both to himself, and outloud to us. "Wow, that was a really good game tonight. I only got out once. I hit that ball really far, too."

And I love the seriousness with which Ben approaches everything. "Mom, I need to ask you about thing." In my head, I run through all the things I hope he's not finally asking me about, like where do babies come from... "When people say that space under the steps with like a door is it pronounced, cup board or cubbard?" "Dude, it is pronounced cubbard, just spelled cupboard. Kay?" "Ok."

Somewhere along the line Ben learned about wives' tales, and so I'm showered with, 'is that real, or is it just a wives' tale?' questions all day. Today's best one? Can you really start a fire with sticks, or.... And does with work with rocks?

Kids are awesome.

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