Thursday, June 21, 2012

Let's just call this a scrap marathon.

Sometimes, when I get going, I can't stop. I'm like this with a lot of things. Cookies. Buying yarn. Gardening. Obviously this warrants further analysis... In this particular circumstance, its not so bad. I'm catching up on my scrapbooking, cranking out decent, presentable, fun little layouts that tell the stories I want to tell. And its making missing my husband a little less painful. Bonus.
Still sticking to the them of using up my supplies. If you scrapbook, and you have not started a scarp basket- do it now. I started mine years ago. I keep every shred of paper that doesn't get used in the basket and pull from it when I'm looking for a little flair. In these circumstances below I'm using mostly scraps. It feels like quilting.
 And how great is it that I'm actually remembering to take pictures of the layouts and share them with you?
Pat. On. The. Back.

Happy scrapping.

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