Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Family Pictures

Getting a decent shot of the four of us is a lot harder than you would think. First of all, we rarely have anyone to take our picture! We're also rarely anywhere picture worthy with other people around. Third, the boys never seem to both look at the camera, and make a normal face. While in California this April we made a couple of attempts.

Nice face here, Hunter... and mom, stop talking.
 Theo's dome is chopped off, and it looks like he is in the heavens.
Why do both kids look like they need to go potty?
The beach ones aren't so bad...

Yeah, good luck getting the kids attention at Disneyland?

 Here's one with my brother and Renatta, but of course, Hunter is looking at Alice in Wonderland or something... and Theo looks like he has steam coming off his head?
Maybe we need to shell out the dough to get a for-real photog to come snap shots of us...

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